New Year's Mission

Dreamed on 2020.01.02 We get the call to move out, and it startles us, but we do it. High energy, but focused, like a wolf pack, dressed in black. "This block?" "Naw, next. Some cabs. 010, I think is one of the numbers?" We run to the next. An uber, some cabs, and a small bus are pulling in. People are hopping in places, but we ignore the bus; they just want in on the action. I see a guy I know -- the older one, angular face, more... I don't know, South American features? -- I get in the same car as him. "Where we headed, cabbie?" "You know I can't say; security feature. I can confirm the code on your phone though." "I don't have the code, don't have a phone; just was told to get in." Cabbie shrugs and is right; it's not their problem. "You in? We going?" "Yeah, let's go." The city is a wreck. I mean, it's 2:30 AM on New Year's Day, and I thought that'd be enough anarchy

Solo & Ensemble to the Death

Dreamed on 2019.03.31 The totalitarian powers that be are keeping us in cells; musicians pair up with each other to compete; the winner moves on, the loser is killed (or at least, taken away and not seen again). Each time you have the option to keep the same instrument or change to a random new instrument. I'm not a musician; I'm one of the team that helps prep the musicians before their competitions and listens to them practice. One of the people in my room is my friend, who is performing on oboe, the instrument he studied. After he finishes practicing, a girl comes in on cello. It's also her instrument, but her arms are shaking and she can't get a consistent tone/pitch. "You've got this," I say, secretly and guiltily proud that my friend will probably win. She breaks into tears and the three of us hug her. She mumbles something angry that I don't hear, and I struggle to figure out how to word some sort of "things will be better after this, o

Just buy this blue paint

Dreamed on 2019.01.26 I'm in college and kinda becoming the next big thing, locally at least, as a visual artist. As I go about my day, people keep coming up to me all concerned, like, "Hey man, you okay?" and I say, "Yeah, I'm cool. Same as usual, what's up?" and they look at me like sadness has coiled around my heart, like I've self-injected a poison I may not recover from. "That parking garage stunt you pulled was something else man, don't ever do that again," someone says, and I quizzical at her, like, what? "Yeah," she says, "that shit you pulled." "What shit I pulled? What parking garage stunt?" And she shows me her phone where I'm standing on the edge saying I'm gonna jump across to the next building and I'm clearly raging on some cocktail of neurowrecking juices, and then this couple I've never met before talk me down. So you know, I sleuth it up and find this couple. "Yeah

A Legal Dispute

Dreamed on 2019.01.20.0821 I was swimming laps, but we got cut off by the garbage truck driving by. I did the thing I do when cars cut me off (lean back, look aghast, gesture with arms out), and they just flipped me off. My swimming shift was done, so I got in the lifeguard chair. The garbage workers WERE the current olympic swimteam, just doing their thing to get the pool ready for their workout. One of the kids, who was also one of my students, picked up a coffee tin full of water and slung it at me, water and metal and all. He missed. I tried to protest, but he picked up an empty blackbean can (full of water) and slung that too. I had to dodge -- which is hard in a lifeguard chair, yeah? -- so that it didn't rip a chunk of my nose off. Anyway, accusations were made and they (the Wolves) showed up gang like saying things like, "What, he threw a can of water at him? He works at a pool. It's just water" and being all defensive. Anyway, I owned the land and ended up

the child named bluebird

Dreamed on 2018.07.12.0710 the child named bluebird, hiding down in this pit we're in, and the pickpocket/god and his friend (such big nostrils; seeing skin inside. thick gouty ankles). The larvae are under her eyelids, which she can't open anymore.

Fighting the Balance

Dreamed on 2017.07.17.0812 Furiously trying to text someone where I am while walking quickly down the halls, but I'm having trouble. A child who sees me having trouble is laughing at me. Eventually she points out that I've died and am in ghost/angel/etc form now. I have trouble being convinced until she shows me that we can walk through walls or fly, etc, and also no one interacts with us. I spend a long time helping people--touching their minds and influencing them while they sleep, as well as finding new ghost/angels and showing them the ropes. I say "angels" but I know we're not. But we are good/positive spirits. There is a room we can go, I am aware, where we can fall asleep and be done with this stage of things, but I enjoy it and the unknown after it is scary. Also, it's pretty common for the good/positive spirits to want to sleep and reach the next stage, but none of the negative spirits seem to be doing that, so... there's a bit of an imbalan

Form Before Function

Dreamed on 2018.01.21 Me and Alfons and Diggs and Charlotte and folks knew the zombies were coming, so we rushed to the hair salon and worked on getting hair cuts. It came down to my turn, but there wasn't much time left, what with the zombies coming. "Diggs, I said. Diggs, you go first." "You're sure?" he asked. I was sure. Diggs got his hair done, and now there's really no time, cause the zombies are coming. "Your turn. Come on now." The hair stylist said. "No," I said, shaking my head. "There's no time, let's go." "What are you thinking, man," Charlotte said. "You need a haircut!" "No," I said. "It's too late." My crew looked horrified, but the hair stylist nodded knowingly. "I get it, man. It's bold, but I get it. One day years from now you'll look back on today and know that this was the turning point. This was the day you didn't get